Having worked with global FMCG brands and notable local brands such as Visa, F&N, FIFA France’98, BASF-Petronas, Maybank2u.com, Qualitas and among others, BrandThis is well trained and armed in the areas of Branding and Marketing.

As trade barriers disappear, local brands are exposed to many established regional brands from bigger markets, not forgetting the global giant brands with deep A&P pockets. How can local brands compete locally, penetrate cross border markets, maintain and grow market share and yet be bottom line friendly? Well, that’s BrandThis!


We believe that local home grown brands can benefit from our international experience as well as current successes with developing several multi-million dollar brands, especially start-up businesses. Our clients experience and enjoy their brand development and profiling engagement with BrandThis, especially when the brand we create receives fabulous reception and commercial engagements that of an established multinational or a FMCG brand.


At BrandThis, we are not just a typical or traditional advertising agency service-provider thinking of your “now” but of your "later" or "future" when we build your brand. We employ a myriad of creative modalities and tools in our brand building methodology. When your brand has an “equity value” - that is our satisfaction, that your business grows in leaps and bounds from our efforts. Brand building and brand profiling could never have been so complete and yet so attractive as it is with BrandThis.


At BrandThis, we help you to create brands that are Recognised-Remembered-Recalled.



Training & Experience: